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About Apple
Worry & Stress-Free Transport.

We’re changing how you get around.
One reliable ride at a time.

Meterless Rides

Up-front flat-rates change how you get to your destination. You'll never have to worry about hidden fees or an absurd rate -- because you'll know your exact cost before booking your ride. Dedicated drivers and vehicles are also available on an hourly basis, depending on what is best for your unique needs.

Mobile Scheduling

Sign-up on any device and quickly request a ride with just a few taps. A user-friendly interface allows you to choose pickup location, set your destination, and see your trip's rate. Either on-demand or pre-scheduled, get a reliable ride wherever you are -- on-the-go, at home, or behind your desk.

Fleet Options

Your needs, simplified: a variety of readily-available vehicles will handle any of your specifications. Whether you're a single rider or there are multiple passengers, you'll be riding in comfort and style.

Business Services

Every employee gets their own username with account access -- creating an organized way to manage your entire business schedule. In addition, billing has never been easier with detailed activity listings for each employee and lower rates available exclusively to business accounts.

Reliable & Safe

Rider safety is our top priority, which is why every vehicle has up-to-date inspections with protective insurance coverage. Each vehicle is also always tracked by dedicated GPS monitoring, while constant 2-way communication between drivers and dispatchers allows for second-by-second updates. No matter where you're going, we'll always know you're safe.